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    Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Infant Loss

    You’ve been dreaming of what life would look like and how it would feel to hold your baby in your arms. You’re focused on eating healthy, taking those prenatal vitamins your doctor recommends, and you even started designing your baby’s nursery in your mind. But, then….the news comes that you’ve lost the baby. There is no heartbeat. All of those dreams are instantly shattered. An avalanche of emotions hit you and you feel like your body has betrayed you. Maybe this is your first miscarriage, or maybe this feels more like familiar territory and think, not again. The sadness, anger, hopelessness, sense of numbness, and lost dreams all flood into your mind and body.

    Or, maybe you have made it past the “critical mark” and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your baby. The celebrations have been had, and everything is in its place for the baby’s arrival. But then, there are unexpected complications that surface and the worst outcome possible has happened. You deliver your baby, but unlike the delivery you imagined, there is no sound that fills the air, except for the sound of your cries and tears. This was not what you ever expected. How could this have happened?

    Perhaps you welcomed your sweet baby into this world and conditions developed after birth that prevented ongoing life, or your baby passed away unexpectedly. Maybe there was some time to prepare, or maybe there was none. You struggle to imagine how you can go on, or what the meaning of your life will be with such a profound loss. Your mind circles in a constant loop wondering, why.

    Losing a pregnancy, newborn or infant can be one of the most emotionally devastating events a woman can experience.  Not only does it impact you, but often it impacts your closest relationships. You may feel distanced and withdrawn from the things in this world you once loved doing; or you may feel like your partner, friends and family members  “can’t possibly understand.”

    Common emotions experienced include:












    You don’t have to live through this alone.  I am passionate about offering support to women who have experienced these types of losses and I want you to know you are NOT alone. I know how hard it is to reach out for support, to be so courageous and vulnerable during this difficult, unimaginable and tender time in your life. Reach out to me today if you are needing a safe and therapeutic place to be seen and heard. I would love to journey alongside you.