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    Online Counseling in Colorado

    What is Online Counseling?


    Online counseling is often referred to as teletherapy or e-therapy and specifically describes mental health therapy or talk therapy services provided remotely via an online video chat platform. Online counseling can also include phone sessions, which is ideal in rural areas where reliable internet access may be limited or non-existant. I utilize a fully HIPAA compliant platform to conduct my online counseling sessions, so your privacy is fully protected. The therapeutic process is similar to in-person therapy. It usually begins with a few initial sessions during which we build therapeutic rapport and I ask questions to understand your mental health and life history, and we discuss therapy goals. After that, we will work towards addressing your specific needs and moving you towards the healing you desire.


    Why Consider Online Counseling?

    There are many reasons to consider whether online counseling is right for you. Over the last two years, we all have had to adapt quickly to life changes and much of how we “did” life moved to online platforms. From work, school, doctors appointments, and yes….therapy! And, It is here to stay. Many people have found that online counseling has allowed them to find balance with all the other demands and responsibilities in their lives. Let’s face it, sitting in traffic, driving long distances, or missing out on family activities for an in office therapy session is less than desirable. Especially when online counseling is available! Research shows that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling.


    If you are considering online counseling, reach out to me to discuss your circumstances and determine if you are a good candidate!